Lecturer, International Foundation Program, New College, University of Toronto.

With a PhD in History and Jewish Studies (U of Toronto, 2012), I’m currently a Lecturer at New College, where I teach world history to international students. I grew up in Brazil, received a Bachelor of Law from the University of Rio de Janeiro (Uni-Rio) before moving to Montreal, Canada in 1999. I received my BA (History) with great distinction from Concordia University in 2003 and was directly admitted to the PhD program at the University of Toronto in that same year.

At the University of Toronto, I was an active member of the Graduate History Society while a graduate student, and I am currently a member of Digital Scholarship (DISC), and New Media at New. I have also served in the past on the executive committee of the Friends of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies Library and I was a fellow and webmaster at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies from 2007-2011. Since 2009, I have been part of the development team of ePorte, an online portal for resources on the premodern Mediterranean and this year have been on the organizing committee for two international conferences: Early Modern Migrations: Exiles, Expulsions, and Religious Refugees (1400-1700) and Foodways: Diasporic Diners, Transnational Tables and Culinary Connections.

My research interests are on cross-cultural relations in medieval and early-modern Iberia and issues surrounding identity and acculturation. During my research year in Spain, I have also become increasingly interested on the uses of the medieval past in Spain today and the role it plays on the fashioning of a new Spanish identity in the post-Franco era. I was back to the archives this past summer with Dana Wessell Lightfoot on a pre-grant application trip to begin our new research project: a collaborative project on Jewish and Christian women in the Crown of Aragon from 1350-1450.

Outside of history, I’m also interested in food and food politics, photography and web 2.0 technologies. This site is intended as an academic portal for my research and teaching.