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I should have titled this post “How to write a ten-page conference paper in less than four hours” because that’s what it is really about. The short answer is: co-write the paper. The long answer is below. It is...

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International Women’s Day

I wish I could say I did it on purpose, but I can’t get over how fitting it is that yesterday, March 7th, was the first of two lectures in my world history course on the protests in Iran after the announcement that all...

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Managing time

Between designing a new site for the Centre for the Study of France and the Francophone World, managing the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies website, designing two new courses for this fall, and putting the final...

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Bittersweet moments

Last Wednesday was the final lecture for IFP100Y, the world history class I teach at a program for first year international students at U of T. It happens every year. Over the 24 weeks of the year-long course I get to know many...

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First teaching day

Tomorrow I’ll lead my first set of tutorials. In history, a tutorial (aka a conference session at Concordia) is dedicated mostly to discussing primary sources and teaching students how to read critically and how to get...

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